Q: Do you guys have a studio?
A: We used to, but we no longer have regular access to our equipment nor a space in which to use it. Affordable rentals can be found at http://studioduplateau.com. They offer a 20% discount to McGill students.

Q: What's the deal with the scanner?
A: We have a Epson V600 scanner and a Pakon F135 plus. Come to any of our office hours to use either. Bring a USB drive to put your photos on or download the software to use with your own computer (Epson only): http://bit.ly/LDMSNR

Q: I'm looking for somewhere to get prints, where should I go?
A: Provisia. Cheap, decent quality, student discount. http://provisia.ca

Q: I'm looking for cheap (film/paper/camera gear), where should I go?
A: The United States. If you can't go there physically, try having a friend/relative bring something up from the US. If that's not happening, ordering something from the US and just paying the shipping and import fees is usually cheaper than buying it in Canada. Try B+H, Adorama, Freestyle, or Unique Photo.

Q: Thats great, but I'm just looking for a roll of film/something cheap, where should I go?
A: Photoservice in Old Montreal tends to be slightly cheaper than the other stores in Montreal and tends to have the most in stock. Others include Camtec and Lozeau.