The McGill University Photography Students Society (MUPSS), founded in 1978, is one of McGill’s oldest clubs. Today, the club offers a variety of services and resources for McGill students and the greater Montreal photographic community. Membership consists of two levels, both of which are open to non-students:

Basic Membership: $10/Semester
Basic membership covers equipment rental, use of our computer and film scanners during office hours, admission to all workshops and contests, and discounted rates on film and paper. The basic membership includes everything except use of the darkroom.

Darkroom Membership: $50/Semester
The darkroom membership includes all the benefits of basic membership plus access to our fully stocked black and white and color darkroom and all the included chemistry. We have everything you need to process film and make prints in black and white and color from 35mm, medium, and large format negatives. Paper is not provided. Take a tour here.

The darkroom can be used without a membership at a rate of $10/90 minutes.

Have any questions? Drop by our office hours, check out our facebook or send us an email at or use this form

We are currently situated in Room 301, 3471 Peel Street!